Ryan Grajewski - Resume
Ryan Grajewski
mechanical engineer
I am a hands-on, big-picture critical thinker, and I have the people skills that enable me to thrive in the collaborative environments that drive innovation. I am motivated by the prospect of contributing to new, impactful technologies at the intersection of mechanical design, artificial intelligence, and robotics.
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Graduated: May 2023
Georgia Institute of Technology
Program of Study - Automation, Robotics, and Controls
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Graduated: May 2022
Highest Honors
Georgia Institute of Technology
Major GPA: 3.84/4.0, Overall GPA: 3.66/4.0
United Parcel Service -  r&d mechanical engineering intern
may 2022 - may 2023
The Advanced Technology Group (ATG) within UPS is the foremost advanced R&D team, responsible for identifying, validating, and rapidly deploying innovative solutions which address a range of opportunities that face UPS in material handling, transportation, and logistics.
  • Designed, prototyped, and tested a compact package handling technology capable of accepting a package, determining the package’s orientation, and manipulating/rotating it into any desired final orientation for further sorting and/or placement into subsequent package handling systems.
  • Invention selected for patenting – designated as primary inventor. Provisional patent application filed 2/9/2023.
  • Initiated a “10% Project” in collaboration with the Smart Package Smart Facility team to explore a novel use-case for a mobile sensor technology in automated sorting facilities aimed at improving package traceability while circumventing traditional sensor hardware costs and power requirements.
  • Devised proof-of-concept hardware and experimentation setup, recorded data and articulated results, and presented findings to ATG team members
  • ATG internal engineering consulting – supported other ATG initiatives with idea generation, mechanical design or CAD, and rapid fabrication services (often 1-2 day turnarounds) using shop equipment like the OMAX 55100 Abrasive Waterjet, CNC Mill, 3D Printer, Cold Saw, and welding station.

  • Safran Data Systems Inc. -  quality engineering and supply chain intern
    may 2021 - aug 2021
    Safran Data Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of French-owned Safran Group, specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment and antennas for on-board and ground telemetry, embedded data treatments, data acquisition, data recording, satellite control, and remote sensing in the aerospace industry.
  • Earned AS9100:2016 (Rev D) Internal Auditor Certification and conducted internal audit interviews with employees from all facility operations in preparation for the company’s quality standard upgrade from ISO9001 to AS9100
  • Documented audit evidence and worked with employees to develop resolution strategies for any out-of-code findings
  • Performed Lean Six-Sigma/5S continuous improvement study of the electronics service lab. Identified major bottlenecks according to the DMAIC process and instituted workflow improvements that led to:
  • 25% reduction in tool misplacement by implementing a check-in/check-out system and by organizing workstations according to 5S
  • 7% increase in service efficiency by digitizing traveler documents and integrating them in an SQL database, enabling accurate tracking of KPIs
  • Led document control effort for the quality management system; controlled Corrective Action Reports satisfying AS9100 internal improvement standards

  • Pro-Type Industries -  machine shop apprentice
    may 2019 - aug 2019
    Pro-Type Industries is a precision machine shop based in Sterling VA, which specializes in sheet metal fabrication, CNC Machining, and prototyping for the Aerospace, Military, and Technology industries.
  • Aided setup and execution of manufacturing processes in numerous departments including powder coating, CNC Milling, metal cutting, sheet metal bending, and widget finishing and inspection
  • Produced CAD drawing packages and documented fabrication instructions for small-scale sheet metal components used in the Aerospace industry
  • Trained in aluminum TIG welding, basics of 9-axis CNC Mill programming, hydraulic brake press operation, plasma cutting machine setup

  • Skills & Proficiencies
      Coding / Software
    • Coding: Matlab, Python, C (novice), C# (novice), Arduino, HTML5, css3, Javascript (novice), Git
    • CAD: Solidworks, OnShape, Fusion360
    • FEA: ANSYS, Solidworks Simulation
    • Cutting: Waterjet, Laser Cutting/Engraving, Cold Saw, Woodworking tools
    • Machining: CNC Mill, Lathe
    • Forming: 3D Printing, Sheet Metal Bending (hydraulic brake and handbrake), Pipe Bending, TIG Welding (novice)
      Patents & Certifications
    • Patents: Named Primary Inventor on Provisional Patent Application owned by UPS (filed 2/9/2023)
    • Certifications: Dekra Certified AS9100 Aerospace Quality Standard Internal Auditor
    • Lean Six-Sigma Certified White Belt
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