My name is Ryan Grajewski.

I’m a well-rounded mechanical engineer with a passion for understanding and pushing the physical limits of technology at the intersection of advanced robotics, manufacturing, and product development. I enjoy being at the forefront of technology, exploring new ideas, and turning them into tangible solutions. My goal as a young professional is to hone my technical expertise, and establish myself as a leader in the high-tech industry where I may bridge the gap between my highly technical peers and the business oriented stakeholders invested in my projects.

I recently earned my M.S. in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech in May 2023, where my graduate scholarship focused specifically on the combination of robotics, automation, and control systems. I completed my program of study in one year as part of the rigorous 5-year joint BS/MS program, having doubled-up on graduate coursework during the final year of my undergrad. A year prior, in May 2022, I received my B.S. in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech, earning the Highest Honors academic distinction.

While completing my graduate coursework, I worked as an R&D Mechanical Engineer for UPS in their Advanced Technology Group’s Rapid Prototyping Lab. I have other experience from a number of roles in the design, manufacturing, and R&D spaces through summer internships with Safran Data Systems Inc, a leading aerospace company focused on in-flight data acquisition and telemetry equipment, as well as Pro-Type Industries, a precision machine shop specialized in sheet-metal fabrication and prototyping.

This website is my opportunity to display some of the other skills I’ve developed through my project work.


I can be reached at:
- email: rmgrajewski@gmail.com
- mobile: 703-939-7089